american idol top 4 season 12 'American Idol' Top 4 results: Everyone is safe, votes count for next weekTime for the “American Idol” Top 4 results, but first we are treated to “Girl on Fire” by the remaining ladies. It’s predictably awesome, with Angie kicking things off on the piano and everybody else bringing their big ol’ voices.

When it’s finally results time, the girls are put into Top 2 (Angie and Kree) and Bottom 2 (Amber and Candice). Innnteresting. The way the judges were bagging on Kree last night, we thought for sure she would be in the bottom.

But then! No one is leaving because the judges never used the save, so there’s an extra week in the schedule. This week’s votes will combine with next week’s vote and then next week that person has to go home.

Congratulations to the women, they’re all great.

It’s like — this almost isn’t even fun anymore because they’re all so good, you know? Most years, we can express outrage over somebody unjustly leaving early, or Danny Gokey’s cat-strangling “Dream On” note or something, but honestly, these women are incredible singers, the lot of them.

We’re running out ways to praise them, plus there’s nothing to make fun of. Somebody should just, like, fall down every week.

(We do not condone anyone getting hurt, that was a joke. Don’t email us.)

Here are some other highlights from the results show:

  • Stefano Langone is there. We remember him, but we’ve been writing about this show since Season 6. Do viewers now even remember him? Is this akin to having Lindsay Cardinale or somebody like that come back?
  • Drake is in the house to compliment Candice on her performance. Somewhere, Amanda Bynes is super jealous.
  • Lee DeWyze is back to perform. Wow, he’s married? He seems like he’s 15 or something.

What did you think of the non-save save, “Idol” fans?

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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