lee dewyze sinatra week 'American Idol': Top 5 doobie doobie doo Frank Sinatra proudDid the Top 5 “American Idol” finalists manage to make hits from the 1940s and ’50s young, hip and current? Well, not exactly. Nonetheless, Frank Sinatra was a really good theme for most of them.

We find it hilarious that the Idols are even given themes like this year in and year out, but what can you do? At least there’s Harry Connick Jr. around to make us feel better. Doesn’t he just make you want to put on a sweater and sit in front of a roaring fire with some cocoa? Just us? Also, how cool is it that he wanted to compose the arrangements for the Idols? That’s not just mentoring, that is WORK.

Here’s our Sinatra list from best to worst:

No. 1 Lee Dewyze, “That’s Life”

This was one of the best Lee performances to date. He was incredibly smooth and seemed to be having more fun than we’ve seen him have so far on the show. His pitch was good, especially on that hard key change, and he stayed true to the song while still sounding contemporary. His tone was clear and bright and he also looked super cute in his skinny tie and suit jacket. A+ to Mr. Dewyze.

No. 2 Michael Lynche, “The Way You Look Tonight”

The only reason Big Mike is second is because this is a very cliched choice for him. We were really hoping he’d stretch himself a bit and choose “Love is Here to Stay.” Regardless, he sounded great. The big high notes were clear and strong and the R&B runs he threw in there to change it up were well-placed and not overdone. Our only quibble is that we wish he had ended the piece soft and low and intimate, rather than big and brassy and jazzy. But that’s just a personal taste thing.

No. 3 Aaron Kelly, “Fly Me to the Moon”

Color us impressed. We thought Aaron was going to be a schmaltzy trainwreck on Sinatra week. But he looked cuter than he has ever looked and he sounded fabulous. Harry Connick had the best influence on Aaron out of all the Idols because we are in love with this arrangement. When he sang “all I worship and adore” the second time and took it up? That was incredible. Welcome to the Top 4, Aaron Kelly.

No. 4 Crystal Bowersox, “Summer Wind”

Simon’s assessment that Crystal really needs to grab the competition by the cojones was spot-on. This was perfunctory and nice. And that’s all. Light and lilting and jazzy. Pleasant. But nothing special. This is the second week in a row Crystal hasn’t been knock-your-socks-off great and with the way women are getting slaughtered in this competition, she needs to step it back up next week.

*Big gap*

No. 5 Casey James, “Blue Skies”

Oh dear. This was not good. Casey looked uncomfortable, the stripper-y, slinky arrangement was bordering on cabaret and the pitch was all over the place. We really are grasping at nice things to say here because it was a mess.

Who’s going home?

It should be Casey, by a mile.

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • Was Kara DioGuardi high tonight? First she tells Aaron Kelly he wasn’t as good as last week, which is just not true. Then she mentions how Casey James sounds like a lamb. Uh, hello? Where have you been, Kara? He’s been Goat Boy for weeks now.
  • Frank’s daughters Nancy and Tina being there and bringing Simon a monogrammed Frank handkerchief was pretty cool.
  • Should Harry Connick Jr. replace Simon Cowell next season? Was this stint on “Idol” his coming out party? We think so.

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