american idol elimination 'American Idol' Top 5 on the reality of being in the Bottom 3With just five singers left in the competition, it’s inevitable that the more and more “American Idol” finalists will end up in the Bottom 3 each week. Perhaps it’s easy for Phillip Phillips to say, considering he’s the only one left who hasn’t had a brush with elimination, but he tries to forget about the stress involved in each week’s results show.

“I try not to let pressure get to me. You’ve got to have fun. You can’t
make it into a job that makes it not fun anymore,” he tells Zap2it ahead of the Top 5 performance show. “You’ve just got to
take it week by week and day by day and not let it stress you out.”

The weirdest thing for Hollie Cavanagh as the competition continues is that the group keeps getting smaller and smaller. “I remember we were in the green room and they were like ‘OK, is everybody here?’ and I looked around and there were five of us and I was like, ‘Where is everybody? Where did everybody go?'”

Much like Top 6 finisher Elise Testone, Cavanagh has spent the past few weeks riding those silver stools of doom. “I hate being in the bottom, but at the same time, I’ve been in the bottom and I’m still going,” she says. “I’m still pushing myself. It’s not bringing me down. I mean, I hate being there, but it’s just kind of like motivation for myself. Just gotta keep pushing on.”

Joshua Ledet has a similar philosophy. “A lot of people in
the competition when they get to the bottom they’re like ‘Oh my gosh, I
can’t believe I was in the bottom,’ but I don’t really look at it like
that. I’m just kind of like ‘OK, I was in the bottom, just try harder
next week, pick up the pieces from there and move on.'”

Skylar Laine has pushed the thought of winning completely from her mind, instead focusing on her experience week to week and mentally steeling herself to be in the Bottom 3 regardless of how she does. “I never planned on winning this competition. I’m not presumptuous. I don’t say that I’m going to make it each week. I don’t like to be, you know? And if I go home this week, I’m blessed to have made it this far. I expected to be in the bottom three this past week, and I think I will be this week.”

So, are the rest of the singers mad that Phillips hasn’t been at risk yet? Phillips says everyone else focuses on another target. “No, we all get mad at Joshua because he’s had like 27 standing ovations,” he jokes.

Posted by:Jean Bentley