Country singer Janelle Arthur wore some truly amazing cowboy boots for the Top 7 performances of “American Idol” on Wednesday (April 3). The bejeweled footwear was so incredible that even a quirky fashionista like Nicki Minaj wanted to wear the boots herself.

Nicki got her wish when Ryan Seacrest brought those boots out right after Janelle’s solo. Just one problem — Nicki kept the boots on throughout the show, and Janelle wants them back!

As it turns out, the sparkly boots were made especially for Janelle by Jacqui at Paradise Boutique, a designer who’s also a fan. “A lady sent them to me,” Janelle explained after the show. ” She saw me on the show, and I think she knew people who knew me through different systems and stuff, so she contacted them and was like, ‘I want to make boots for Janelle.'”

Not that Janelle got to keep her boots for very long once the rest of the world got a peek at the glittery glamour. “They ripped those off me backstage,” Janelle said with a laugh. “They started taking them off before I got off stage!”

You might think that Janelle would be flattered that Nicki liked her style enough to take possession of the boots, but that’s not the case. “Nicki better give me my boots back!” Janelle insisted. “I don’t blame her though. They are hot boots.”

All we can do now is wish Janelle luck in her quest to reclaim the world’s coolest footwear.

Posted by:Laurel Brown