american idol top 7 2 'American Idol' Top 7 on the judges' save and that weird results showThe “American Idol” Top 7 tell Zap2it that they knew something weird was afoot during that strange results show that saw the judges use their save on 16-year-old Jessica Sanchez.

“It was weird — in a way they made it obvious,” says Hollie Cavanagh, who wound up being safe despite some harsh criticism from the judges. “We wouldn’t have that big of a dramatic show for somebody that you wouldn’t think would go home. When it was [Jessica, Elise Testone and Joshua Ledet] standing there and then they had all these tweets about how the favorite’s going home, it was like, something’s not right here.”

Colton Dixon also sensed something dramatic was about to happen. “You could tell something was up just by the way people were talking
backstage, and in between commercial breaks it just wasn’t as lively as
it normally is,” he explains.

When Ryan Seacrest announced Sanchez was at risk of going home, “It was the weirdest thing ever,” Dixon says. “It was a total out of body experience. When they said Jessica I guarantee my chin hit the floor. We were all so confused. I’m glad the judges did what they did. She shouldn’t have had to sing a note. She deserves to be here — she really does. That girl can sing.”

When the finalists all went back to the “Idol” mansion that night, Skylar Laine says everybody was in a strange mood. “It’s usually sad on Thursdays [because someone goes home] so it was a weird feeling — but a good weird feeling. We didn’t know how to react to it.”

Phillip Phillips
jokes that since they don’t have that save safety net anymore, they took their nerves out on Jessica all week. “Yeah, I’m really mad at Jessica, because it’s the end of the road for us, the other people. We’re all kind of mad at her. We haven’t talked to her since then. I’ve kind of been nice to her, but in a mean way. If you can figure that one out. No! We’re not mad at her. You just realize you have to bring it every performance now so it’s just going to get tougher and tougher.”

Dixon says that everyone has been working extra hard this week. “We just have to be more cautious. You always have to be careful in what songs you choose and make sure you put your spin on them. You have to give it your all every week, and this week more than ever. You’ve just gotta be on your A-game. If you go home, you’ve gotta go home knowing that it’s nothing you did or didn’t do, it’s just the way the cookie crumbles, so to speak.”

Joshua Ledet points out that he’ll be taking Jennifer Lopez‘s advice: ” We just have to go out there and nail it, like J. Lo said. We just have to sing so good to where other people’s fans vote for you because your performance was so stellar.”

Posted by:Jean Bentley