idol top 7 results 2 'American Idol' Top 7 results: Jessica Sanchez, Joshua Ledet, Elise Testone   a shocking results showWe were teased a shocking elimination on the results show for “American Idol” this week and producer Nigel Lythgoe and host Ryan Seacrest were not kidding.

Since it’s the Top 7, the show does that thing where Seacrest divides six of the contestants into two groups of three, one group is the bottom and one is the top. The two groups were Hollie/Phillip/Colton and Jessica/Elise/Joshua, leaving Skylar as the safe one they make choose a group.

We predicted that the Bottom 3 would be Jessica, Elise and Joshua and here’s why. Elise has been in the bottom a lot and a shocker elimination would probably be somebody like Jessica and Joshua. In addition, in recent seasons, minorities have had a bit of trouble staying in the competition because (we hypothesize) the voting demographics have gotten so narrow as the show has waned in popularity.

Finally, Hollie got very tepid comments from the judges. That probably mobilized her fanbase to vote like crazy, which means we don’t think she’s in danger (and she’s in the other group).

These judges haven’t yet figured out the Simon Cowell double-secret-probation-mojo-voodoo technique of commenting. He knew exactly how to criticize in a way that didn’t mobilize voters if he didn’t want it to happen, or in a way that would if he did. These judges made it so obvious they wanted Hollie to go home that of course she was in the Top 4 vote-getters.

Anyway. The Bottom 3 are indeed Jessica, Elise and Joshua, after Skylar is put with Phillip, Colton and Hollie. And then in an interesting turn of events, Steven Tyler says the judges are gonna use their save before they even know which one of the Bottom 3 is in danger.

Ryan sends Joshua back to safety, then reveals the person singing for her life is … Jessica Sanchez. The judges look stunned. And then Jessica gets like 10 words into her song and the judges run up on stage and they use the save!

So how do you feel, “Idol” fans? And hey, don’t get complacent in your voting!

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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