idol top 7 results 'American Idol' Top 7 results: Stefano Langone, Jacob Lusk, Haley Reinhart   who went home?“American Idol” sent the latest contestant home from the Top 7 after the 21st Century Song night. Whose “Idol” journey is over?

The Bottom 3 came down to Jacob Lusk, Stefano Langone and Haley Reinhart, which is not a shock. Lauren and Scotty are uber-popular (you just know they are), James did very well last night and Casey had his whole J.Lo kiss thing, plus he’s the Vote for the Worst person right now. That leaves the other 3 out in the cold. Thankfully, Haley is safe almost immediately after being sent to the Stools of Doom.

Stefano was sent home, which was not a huge surprise. James Durbin looked to take it really hard and J.Lo managed to not storm the stage and start making out with him on the spot.

But let’s see how we got there. Highlights from the results show include:

  • Lauren, Haley, Stefano and Jacob did “Hey, Soul Sister,” which was an interesting group for a performance. The two girls singing together was pretty great, but it didn’t hold a candle to the duets they did last week with Scotty and Casey. And the melody line during the harmony was getting totally lost, which is annoying.
  • The Ford Music video was set to “World” and was super cheesy, even for a Ford Music Video.
  • James, Casey and Scotty got “Viva La Vida” by Coldplay and the verse was OK, but then the harmonies and the Supremes choreography kicked in and we could not stop laughing. Poor awkward Scotty.
  • There apparently wasn’t enough filler, so Casey had to show off some terrifying fan artwork and Scotty had to talk about his hometown cupcake (not a euphemism).
  • David Cook was on hand to perform “The Last Goodbye.” It was alright.
  • The Idols went to a Dodgers game. Good thing they got that in before the team collapses in utter ruin.

So – did the right person go home? We think he was long overdue.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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