american idol top 8 kree harrison janelle arthur madonna duet like a prayer fox 'American Idol' Top 8: Janelle Arthur and Kree Harrison duet on Madonna's 'Like a Prayer'If you want to have fun on a stage, Madonna is always a good choice. Janelle Arthur and Kree Harrison of “American Idol” Season 16 made that choice when they performed a duet of “Like a Prayer” during Motown Week.

Yes, Madonna counts. She is from Detroit, British accent notwithstanding.

The song itself was hardly perfect, but it sure was a lot of fun. There was the slightest bit of country inserted into the pop song, but Kree and Janelle mostly stayed true to the original. And they were obviously having a great time with it. As more than one of the judges pointed out, both girls were there to help each other get through the song without problems.

Of the two singers, Kree got a little more of the praise. Nicki Minaj, in particular, seemed to think that Kree was the one carrying the song. “Kreedom almost made it look like she flew in to do a duet with an ‘Idol’ contestant this week,” said the nickname-loving Nicki. “I think you pushed it a bit,” she added when talking to Janelle.

The rest of the judges were more concerned with the partnership on the stage. “This was a sisterhood moment,” Mariah Carey told them. It certainly was a great pairing to watch. While both contestants would sing again in Motown Week, this duet was a highlight.

Janelle & Kree – Like A Prayer – American Idol… by IdolxMuzic

Posted by:Laurel Brown