american idol top 8 results 'American Idol' Top 8 results: Devin Velez, Burnell Taylor or Lazaro Arbos, who went home?On the “American Idol” Top 8 performance night, Angie Miller faltered a bit, while Lazaro put forth his best performance in weeks. Will Angie be in trouble?

We doubt it — Devin is probably headed home. But you never know. However, before we can get to any results, we have to be treated to roller rink anthem “Old Time Rock ‘n Roll,” complete with Janelle being dressed a truck stop waitress and some kid’s-birthday-party-magician puffs of smoke in the background.

Oh, “Idol.” Never change.

Then instead of a Ford Music Video, it looks like the Idols are being sent to sing with some kids. Well, that’s cool. It’s totally cheesy and stuff, but these kids are adorable and we bet that was a lot of fun.

Aretha Franklin has a message for Kree — “You put that one away and you’re not going anywhere.” Aww, that’s nice.

Colton Dixon‘s here. We can’t get too excited, but if he’s your thing, go nuts. Katharine McPhee and One Republic do a nice job together, but seriously — can we get to some results?

Keith Urban performs, it’s fine. He seems lovely, but we’re really ready for some results. It must not be very shocking — as in, no chance of the save, because they really aren’t going to have a lot of time at this point.

It’s finally results time. The safe ones are Kree, Candice, Janelle, Angie and Amber. Delightful! All the women are safe! Finally America knows what’s up.

It turns out the one who is in danger of leaving is Devin Velez, which is no big shock. He was better than Lazaro last night, but he’s not as cute, so.

The judges do not save him, which is also not a shock. To his credit, though, his sing-out is beautiful. He has a really nice voice.

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