During the Top 9 performances of “American Idol” Season 12, Burnell Taylor surprised many by claiming to have never heard the Beatles song, “Let It Be.” Was that the truth? We found out when we talked to Burnell after the show.

How do you feel about your performance of “Let It Be”?

Burnell Taylor: Good. I didn’t know the song at all, so I think I handled it pretty well. I’m so proud of myself.

You didn’t know the song at all?

Burnell Taylor: At all.

So how many people have asked you how you didn’t know the song?

Burnell Taylor: A lot! And I feel ashamed! But it’s okay.

How did you feel after your performance?

Burnell Taylor: Good. I was happy that it was over. I was like, “Jesus, thank you for getting me through!”

Do you prefer going in the beginning to the end?

Burnell Taylor: In a way. In a way, but I’m still waiting for that moment to close out the show.

Were there any other performances that stood out to you tonight?

Burnell Taylor: Yeah. All of them stood out. I was so proud of everybody. I love all my fellow people. I feel that they all did their best. We sang different, so it’s hard to say who was the best, because all of us brought something different to the table.

You very notably had your own style for the song. How did you come up with how you were going to sing it?

Burnell Taylor: Well, learning the song was one thing. That took, like, some hours. Then I figured out what I wanted to do to it, what I wanted to make it my own. It was just a matter of me learning the song. I knew everything else was going to follow behind it. I’m just so happy that it’s over!

If you didn’t know that song, why did you choose it?

Burnell Taylor: Uh… Because I didn’t know none of them, so I had to pick something.

I definitely picked based on titles. If I’ve never heard a song, I pick it based on titles, ’cause I think that tells a lot. And I heard that “Let It Be” was a real popular song, and I was in shock that I didn’t know it. So I just picked “Let It Be.”

Did knowing that it was a popular song add pressure to you?

Burnell Taylor: Yeah, it was. Because I heard a lot of people did it. And I didn’t know if it was over-sung, I didn’t know if a lot of people sung it. I just know I wanted to put my own stamp on it. So hopefully I did that.

How did you feel about the judges’ feedback tonight?

Burnell Taylor: Good. Nicki Minaj is always honest in everything that she says, so I take it to heart. Because I know that she means it, so that means a lot for her to acknowledge true artistry sees it. So I love her. I love all of them.

“American Idol” will air the Top 9 results on Thursday, March 21 at 8pm on FOX.

Posted by:Laurel Brown