nigel lythgoe stevie nicks lockerz 'American Idol' Top 9 mentor: Stevie NicksWhile “American Idol” managed to keep last week’s guest mentor under wraps — in case you missed it, Diddy gave his sage music advice to the Top 10 — this week executive producer Nigel Lythgoe announced the news on his Twitter account.

So, who will be mentoring the young singers during “music from your own idols” week? None other than Fleetwood Mac frontwoman and industry legend Stevie Nicks.

“Our mentor was great this week,” Lythgoe wrote as he posted a picture of himself with Nicks.

Colton Dixon also tweeted about his meeting with Nicks, writing, “Morning everyone! Stevie nicks was our mentor yesterday and she was the sweeties thing! Got a great song coming your way this week:-)”

Lythgoe let slip that the finalists would be singing songs from artists like “Beyonce, Mariah, Miranda, Lifehouse, Daughtry, Led Zeppelin,” so it’ll be interesting to see which finalist picks which artist. Any guesses?

Also — considering how many of the young contestants didn’t know who Billy Joel was, how many do you think will fail to recognize Nicks?

Posted by:Jean Bentley