american idol top 9 bottom 3 cj harris sam woolfe majesty rose 'American Idol' Top 9 results: Did CJ Harris, Majesty Rose or Sam Woolf go home?
After a solid showing during “American Idol” Top 9 “I’m With the Band” week, the judges decided not to use the save they have in play for another three weeks. With a Bottom 3 comprised of CJ Harris, Sam Woolf and Majesty Rose, which contestant was sent home?

First off, let’s start with the ridiculous way Ryan Seacrest introduced
performance night’s ankle/shoe theft brouhaha by making a “shoe drops” pun and then actually dropping a shoe on the floor. No. (But also yes, puns are great, but NO.)

Now that we’ve covered that, it was a swiftly moving night of results thanks to the new half-hour length (so as to launch FOX’s newest comedy, “Surviving Jack”). One benefit of the shorter length is that Randy Jackson’s useless assessment was boiled down into a short package where he said his three favorites were Caleb, Malaya and Jena.

It was time for the first results: The first big change is that the reveal of who was safe via the big screen rather than Seacrest’s dramatic name-calling. The first person summoned to safety was a surprised-looking Jena, followed by Malaya and a good ol’ Seacrest fakeout.

Janelle Monae performed her single from the “Rio 2” soundtrack before we got back to more results: Alex, Jessica and Caleb were safe, leaving CJ, Majesty and Sam on the bottom.

Majesty had to sing for her life with Pharrell Williams’ “Happy” but ultimately, the judges couldn’t agree and declined to use their save, sending the preschool teacher from Florida home.

Unfortunately, the show was so short that we didn’t even have time for her exit package — nor the ceremonial “Hunger Games”-ing of her photo.

Did America pick the right Bottom 3? Did the right singer go home? What did you think of the shorter results show?

Posted by:Jean Bentley