american idol top 9 results season 12 'American Idol' Top 9 results: Paul Jolley, Amber Holcomb or Devin Velez, who went home?Time for the Top 9 results for “American Idol.” Who do you think is headed home? We’ll say at the top that Devin is probably in trouble.

But first, during the recap of the previous night’s performances, Jimmy Iovine criticizes the judges for being too nice. They definitely are. They are way too easy on the mediocre guys. Thank goodness Iovine says Lazaro was easily the worst performance of the night, but it’s a little late for that, too.

Results time. Wait, just kidding. Group sing first, but it’s just the boys. This seems particularly lip-sync-y. Lordy. And now it’s Paul Jolley Day at the North Pole or something, and then Ryan Seacrest gets awesome by telling Paul that he’s in the Bottom 3 while he hands him his plaque about his special day. This results show is bananas.

Speaking of bananas, Casey Abrams is there to be all coffeehouse-poetry-slam-Beatles. OK, the scatting is pretty great. But still, let’s get to some results.

But no, girls’ sing first. This sounds infinitely better than the men, but still seems lip-synced. That’s such a bummer, for us. We demand live results singing!

Finally there’s some results. Devin Velez is sent to Bottom 3 land with Paul, no big surprise there. Now Lazaro Arbos stands up, but there’s no way he’s in the bottom, even if he should be going home. And then he’s safe, of course. Have we abandoned the giving the viewers more specific results in regards to the voting? Seems so. Hmph.

Jessica Sanchez
time. She’s so talented, we loved her. Her song with Ne-Yo doesn’t really show off her vocals that well, but it’s a fine pop/R&B offering.

Finally some more results. The final member of the Bottom 3 is …. AMBER?! Are you friggin’ kidding us? She had one of the best vocals last night, that’s ridiculous.

But the person singing for the save is Paul Jolley. Huh. Thought for sure it would be Devin. Anyway, Paul sings “Alone,” which is really just his sing-out, because there’s no way the judges are going to save him (especially not if it’s off-pitch, dude. Yikes. This is rough.)

So, no save for Paul. At least the women are all still safe.

What say you, “Idol” fans?

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