The “American Idol” Top 10 contestants are hard at work preparing for their huge summer tour, but they let Zap2it interrupt their rehearsal today (June 17) to hang out. They even sang for us.

There was some confusion over where everyone would stand for the impromptu performance. Everyone wanted to stand next to Siobhan Magnus, but in the end, Lee DeWyze got the honor. (We guess there are some benefits to being the “American Idol” winner, though everyone swears he gets treated the same as the rest of them.)

We were treated to a performance of Season 1 “Idol” winner Kelly Clarkson‘s “My Life Would Suck Without You.” Don’t worry, though — they were sober, so their performance was much better than Clarkson’s drunken rendition of Ke$ha‘s “Love is My Drug.”

We loved it… especially when “Idol” roomies DeWyze and Andrew Garcia  took a break to dance with each other. Plus, this song always reminds us of the “Glee” fall finale, and you know we love us some “Glee” at Zap2it!

The Idols hit the road on July 1st on the “American Idol” Summer Tour. Their first show is in Auburn Hills, Michigan.

If you wanna join the summer jam with your favorite Season 9 Idols then check out the full concert schedule for “American Idols Live Tour” here and purchase tickets at Live Nation

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Posted by:Carina MacKenzie