tyler grady joe munoz 'American Idol': Tyler Grady, Joe Munoz wouldn't change a thingTyler Grady and Joe Munoz were the first male contestants sent home from season 9 of “American Idol.”

Neither contestant was bothered by his lack of airtime prior to the Top 24 and both said they wouldn’t do anything differently if they could take their Idol journey all over again.

Tyler Grady

On his “American Idol” experience:
“American Idol” is one of the best education programs you can possible
get into. Rickey Minor and the band, the backup singers, the producers,
everybody is top of the line and you get a phenomenal crash course into
the entertainment business … It was a great ride, I had the best time
of my life on that show.

On his lack of airtime after his initial audition:

I don’t want to make excuses and the media is already claiming that I’m
making excuses as far as blaming the judges for what happened on the
show. I don’t make excuses for what happened … I was eliminated b/c I
didn’t get enough votes … Kelly Clarkson and Kris Allen, both winners
of “Idol,” didn’t have that much airtime going into the live show.

On the contradictory judges:
First of all, I’ve seen that I’m getting some heat in the media about my comment before the show ended and I just wanted to let everyone know that I meant no disrespect by that. I felt that when I watched the show back on Wednesday, I felt that I was too caught up in the moment to stand up for myself. Contestants are absolutely encouraged to express themselves when they’re being critiqued … I was shocked with the criticism and I didn’t get a chance to express my feelings. I was just expressing myself. I meant no disrespect and I’m not bitter at the judges.

On whether he would’ve changed his image next week:
If I would’ve made it through to another week, it would’ve been due to a fanbase that appreciated what I was doing, so I probably would’ve just stuck to my guns and performed in the same style I’ve been performing in … “Baba O’Riley” by The Who or “Remedy” by The Black Crowes … It’s not about the era, it’s about the performance, it’s about emotion.

Joe Munoz

On his lack of airtime before the Top 24:

I mean, I didn’t really have much control over it so it’s just how they try to handle the show. I wasn’t really disappointed. I think I had my moment and got eliminated … I try not to think about it that much. I just did the best I could and I was really proud with what I did. Even though the outcome wasn’t the best for me, I have faith that things will get better after this … I had a blast.

On his personal sound:
I love pop music. I’m just a pop guy. There’s a lot of artists doing a lot of things right now. I really want to be that kind of artist, being in musical theatre, be on TV and make records for people.

On if he’d change anything or do anything differently:
I don’t think I would do anything different. I’ve been really comfortable with all of the decisions I’ve made. I’m pretty happy with what I did and I’m pretty proud of myself.

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