victoria beckham american i 'American Idol': Victoria Beckham    how'd she do?The first guest judge for “American Idol” made her debut last night. How did Lady V fare?

We have to say — we liked Victoria Beckham more than we thought we would. That doesn’t necessarily mean we thought she did anything amazing, but she definitely didn’t suck!

Beckham did seem more interested in commenting on the contestants’ looks than their actual singing, though. When it came to critiquing the singing, Lady V seemed to just go along with what the other judges said, particularly Kara, though I could see how they would bond as the two newbies and also the two females.  It’ll be interesting to see if the rest of the guest judges, who are mostly female, also glom on to Kara.

What we were pleasantly surprised by was her warmth and friendly nature. There were reports earlier in the fall that Beckham was “icy and wooden” as a guest judge. We thought she seemed really nice.

What do you guys think? How’d Victoria Beckham do as a guest judge? Vote in our poll!

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