american idol judges 320 2 'American Idol' viewers can voice their displeasure in an official surveyIs the “American Idol” machine a little worried? Between popular judge Simon Cowell‘s impending departure and new show “The X Factor,” the declining ratings and the overall lukewarm reception the Season 9 contestants have been receiving, perhaps it’s time for “Idol” to regroup.

The official site has now put forth a survey for viewers to voice their opinions. It is actually quite illuminating, particularly the questions comparing this season to the 2009 season, rating the current judges and asking about former judge Paula Abdul.

The survey includes:

  • A section about asking how many times In the last three months you have watched “American Idol” and asking you to rate your enjoyment of it on a scale of 1 to 10.
  • A section asking how much of a reason are each of the following for watching “American Idol” and then listing things like: the quality of the contestants, the overall concept of the show, the personality of the contestants, Simon Cowell, Kara DioGuardi, Ellen DeGeneres, Randy Jackson, Ryan Seacrest, the banter between Ryan and the judges, the mentors, unpredictability of voting and the judges “Save.”
  • A section asking if you are watching Season 10 more or less than Season 9 and why, then listing factors such as: the contestants are better, I like the show more now that Paula Abdul is no longer a judge, I like Ellen DeGeneres on the show, I agree with the eliminations so far and people are talking about American Idol more or the talent is worse, the themes are generally boring, I do not like the show as much now that Paula Abdul has left, I do not like Ellen DeGeneres on the show, people are talking about American Idol less, I am getting bored by the show and the contestants eliminated so far do not make sense.
  • A section asking if you watch it live, recorded but on the same night or recorded and on a later night.
  • A section asking you to rate the guest judges from the auditions rounds.
  • A section asking you to rate the judges, Ryan Seacrest and how much you miss Paula and if you’d like to see her return to the show.
  • A section asking you to rate the mentors and offer suggestions of mentors you’d like to see on the show.

All in all, it’s an interesting survey. We can’t remember another time when the show has done this and we can’t help but think it’s the show’s attempt to stave off its complete demise with all the challenges it’s facing.

The question is — what will the show actually do with the survey results? Also, how reliable can a survey at the official site be? Aren’t the people who would take the time and effort to visit the official “American Idol” site, let alone take the time to fill out a survey, the ones less likely to provide the constructive criticism the show needs?

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