idol non winners poll 320 'American Idol': Who's the best non winner?You’ve already answered the question of which “American Idol” winner is the best — and for the record, the 3,000-plus people who voted in our poll earlier this week chose Kelly Clarkson by a narrow margin over Carrie Underwood.

The next question, then, has to be this: What about the “Idol” finalists who didn’t win?

The field for this one is larger, because while there’s only one champ per year, each season seems to produce one or more people who have huge followings but don’t quite get to the title. Maybe they lost by a narrow margin (Clay Aiken) or got a surprise boot before the finals (Tamyra Gray, Chris Daughtry), or maybe their best work was still ahead of them (Jennifer Hudson, Constantine Maroulis). Whatever the reason, though, they didn’t win.

We picked 12 such people — and there’s space in the poll below for you to write in your own choice. So answer us this: Among those who didn’t win “Idol,” who’s the biggest idol?

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Posted by:Rick Porter