american idol top 7 'American Idol': Will the judges save someone?As we were reminded in the beginning of “American Idol’s” Top 7 performance show, during which the finalists tackled songs from the last three years, judges Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler have just two more opportunities to use their Judges’ Save before the opportunity vanishes back into Nigel Lythgoe‘s box of ratings tricks. So, are they going to use it at all?

Short answer: Yes, we think so. Ratings aren’t what they used to be, so the show needs every opportunity it can to spark water cooler talking points. Plus, the level of talent this year is so deep that every single member of the Top 7 is a serious contender. (Yes, even Hollie Cavanagh, whom the judges seemed a little too harsh on after a much-improved rendition of Pink’s “Perfect.”)

Zap2it spoke with the finalists backstage after their Top 7 performances, and they said they really think the save will be used soon. (Of course, it has to be used soon, but that’s beside the point.)

Skylar Laine
honestly tells us, “Well, if I’m the one facing going home I hope they use it!”

“I hope so for anybody,” counters Jessica Sanchez — but come on, you know she feels the same way as Laine.

Elise Testone
says she expects the judges to pull out their save card this week, though obviously she can’t be certain.

“I have a
feeling that they’re going to use it this week,” she says, and then gets real: “I feel like if
it was me, I feel like they would save me. I don’t know if that sounds
egotistical, but just from their reactions, I don’t know. I just feel
like it might be me who’s going to go, who’s going to need the save,
just because of my age difference and all those different things working
against me. I don’t think I deserve to go so soon just because of
what I have to offer and what I’ve been through and all of that, so I
hope it’s not me. But I feel like it could be. I mean realistically.”

Girlfriend has a point, considering she’s spent the most time on the stools of doom than anyone. Maybe she should ask Phillip Phillips what’s going to happen, because he’s apparently tapped in to someone who knows what the future holds: Jennifer Lopez.

“J. Lo told me what’s up — she told me what’s going to happen,” he jokes.
“No, she didn’t. I have no idea if they’re going to use the save or not.
Y’all know as much as I do.”

Colton Dixon
posits another outcome: that they don’t use the save at all. “You know what would be really interesting? Is if they didn’t even use the save,” he says. “That would be really interesting to me. I’m sure they will, because there has to be another week somewhere [after the ouster of Jermaine Jones in Top 11 week] — we’re smart. We think things through. But it’ll happen in the next two weeks.”

Do you think the judges should use the save at all? Who would you want them to save, and who would you prefer to see go home?

Posted by:Jean Bentley