phillip phillips successful surgery getty 'American Idol' winner Phillip Phillips health update: 'I'm doing a lot better than expected'“American Idol” winner Phillip Phillips is doing a-ok after his major kidney surgery — the singer tells Zap2it at a press conference ahead of the summer “Idol” tour that he’s feeling much better, thanks. “I’m good. I’m not 100 [percent], but I’m good,” he says.

Because he’s still recovering from the six-hour operation, he hasn’t spent as much time as his fellow finalists prepping for the show. “I haven’t really been able to rehearse as much as everyone else because
I’ve been recovering and whatnot,” he says, “so I’ve been practicing when I can.

Rest easy — he’ll be back at 100 percent “probably soon,” he says. “I’m doing a lot better than expected, so that’s a good thing.”

Phillips says he’s itching to get on the road because he’s sick of laying in bed. “It’s been kind of hectic and I’ve been going crazy looking at the four walls around me,” he explains.

Besides, what he’s looking forward to most is getting to travel. “Seeing the country, man. I’ve only been here and Tennessee, Alabama, the
southern states. Never really seen anywhere else. I’m excited.”

So, what can you expect from Phillips’ tour set? “It’s going to be fun,” he says. “I’m going to treat it like I did the show — just make sure every night when I go out there that it’s fun first, and then make sure the music’s tight, and hopefully the crowd feels it.”

Phillips will continue to work on writing new songs and recording an album during the tour, which will land on shelves by the end of 2012. “I’m just now working on the album. I’ve been writing and I’m excited to get good stuff out. Who I’m working with is still going on — I think I’ve got some people but we’re still going to see. I’m trying to get it out around November or December.”

While some contestants have extensive packing lists, Phillips says he only needs one lucky charm with him on the road: “Just my guitar.”

The Top 10 finalists (minus Phillips) previewed one of the tour’s big group numbers for press, but decided to sing it again when Phillips finally arrived. Below, enjoy Zap2it’s video of the “Idol” cast serenading their winner with One Direction’s “You Don’t Know You’re Beautiful.”

Posted by:Jean Bentley