hollywood-or-home-american-idol-FOX.jpg“American Idol” kicked off Hollywood Week Wednesday (Feb. 5), starting with the new Hollywood or Home round, which saw the judges welcome all 212 golden ticket recipients into the … not Rooms of Doom yet. The Hangar of … Harm? The Hangar of Hysteria? We like that, the Hangar of Hysteria.

Inside the Hangar of Hysteria, the hopefuls are told that several of them were going to have to sing right then and there and some of that group will be cut immediately. We don’t know exactly how many people were asked to sing, but they were the people the judges were on the fence about after the initial auditions. Some rise to the challenge and prove why they were there. And some do not.

After sending away the contestants who did not have to sing for their lives, the judges employ a kind of cruel (and kind of funny) twist. They divide the singers who had just performed into two groups, the ones staying and the ones leaving. But then they put each group on a bus and say one bus is going to the hotel in Hollywood and one is going to the airport. Toodle-oo!

Heeee. It was kind of funny to watch as the rejected bus realizes they are not in Hollywood but drawing ever closer to LAX.

However, it was kind of a pointless first hour, to be honest. We only got to see small snippets of people and it was almost no different than the first day of Hollywood Week where they sing individually while in small groups on stage and are then put into two lines and one line makes it and one line doesn’t. The only difference was that it took place in the Hangar of Hysteria. The bus trick gets a thumbs up, though.

The second hour then moves right into the aforementioned small groups where one line is through and one line is not. Again, a few people are showcased — Kenzie Hall was a particular standout — but it’s still quite a bit of filler before we get to the awesome Group Night.

The last 20 minutes of the broadcast is dedicated to contestants having to find groups and rehearsing. It’s a real shame we had to sit through 90 minutes of boring to get to a tiny slice of Group Night, which is easily the best part of Hollywood Week.

The show ends right before any groups actually start performing, so tomorrow night join us for the group performances.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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