american idol season 13 top 13 'American Idol' XIII Top 13 revealed: Did your favorites make it through?After a video recap of the last two nights of “American Idol,” the show actually gets to some results fairly quickly.

Ryan Seacrest informs us that the ones who got through to the finals based on America’s votes are Malaya Watson, Ben Briley, Emily Piriz, Alex Preston, Jessica Meuse, Dexter Roberts, Caleb Johnson, Majesty Rose, MK Nobilette and Sam Woolf.

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With the guys, the only one we missed was we thought Spencer Lloyd was a shoo-in in replace for Dexter Roberts, but we wanted Dexter to be a wild card pick, so it’s cool that he got through on his own.

For the girls, Majesty Rose was the only one we missed. We thought Kristen O’Connor or Jena Irene might sneak in there.

The judges reveal that five of the 10 singers left will sing for the wild card spots:

1. C.J. Harris, “Bring It On Home to Me,” Sam Cooke

It starts off really rough, there’s something wrong with the backing music. What’s happening here? He pulls it out by the end, but it wasn’t his strongest. However, we like his voice and hope the judges pick him for a spot.

2. Jena Irene, original piece

Beautiful. She nailed it. We were hoping she’d get a wild card spot after the Top 10 girls night and she just proved that she deserves one.

3. Spencer Lloyd, original piece

So, is this his version of One Direction’s “Beautiful”? This is like if a song from the easy-listening radio hour for people in their 50s and 60s mated with “Beautiful.” Oof. We like Lloyd’s voice, but this was not the right choice for this moment because this song is seriously lacking a strong melody line and any kind of substances. We’re surprised the voters didn’t put him through and now we’re not sure if he deserves to go through.

J.Lo more or less says, “Why didn’t you pick a better song so we could justify to America why we’re going to put your hot little butt in the Top 13?”

4. Bria Anai, “This is a Man’s World,” James Brown

She was not one of our picks for a wild card spot and tonight she does not improve our opinion of her singing. She seems to equate passionate screaming with singing and it’s really hard to listen to at moments. She did the same thing two nights ago, why did the judges even pick her tonight? Bah. At this rate, it won’t matter that Spencer picked a dude song, though we’ll see what the fifth choice brings to the table.

5. Kristen O’Connor, “Unconditionally,” Katy Perry

Kristen and Jena were the two girls we were hoping would make it after our shoo-ins, so these were good picks for the wild card sing-off. Kristen seems sharp for a lot of this, but there’s also something weird going on with the backing music. She’s struggling with the tempo too, it seems. Hmm. We’d love to hear more from her, though.

Well, it would seem the four spots are between Spencer, C.J., Jena and Kristen. Also, it’s a shame Briana Oakley didn’t get to sing and Bria Anai did. But anyway, we’re torn — the only one we think should 100 percent go through is Jena Irene. The other two spots could be any of the remaining three.

The judges pick Jena Irene, Kristen O’Connor and C.J. Harris. Wow. We’re surprised they chose him over Spencer Lloyd, but we’re OK with it.

Are you happy with the Top 13 of Season 13?
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