zoanette johnson american idol hollywood 'American Idol': Zoanette Johnson inexplicably remains in the competitionThursday night’s (Feb. 14) episode of “American Idol” starts by asking if a girl can win. We don’t actually think a girl can win anymore, honestly. But you don’t necessarily have to win the whole thing to have success.

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It’s the final day of Hollywood Week. 47 women will be whittled down to 20 (and presumably, we’ll see the 28 men cut down to 20 as well).

Here are the highlights:

Group One:

  • Angela Miller takes a risk by performing an original song. Hmm. Turns out, however, that she’s pretty incredible. The judges are blown away. Keith Urban looks like he’s about to cry.
  • Also in that group are Candice Glover on “Girl on Fire” and Janelle Arthur on “I Told You So” and both are great.
  • Who is not great is Zoanette Johnson, but that’s no big surprise. She really has no business still being there. She makes up her song on the spot and it’s like — OK. This is no longer funny, send this woman home. Unfortunately, the judges just indulge her crazy and actually put her through. Angela, Candice and Janelle all advance, thankfully, but seriously, what is happening with this Zoanette thing? Is this a joke?
  • This Zoanette thing has to be a case of cannon fodder, right? Like, put some obvious bad people in the Top 20 so the “right” people advance?

Group Two:

  • Shubha Vedula takes on “When You Believe,” which is a ballsy choice, considering Mariah sang it.
  • Juliana Chahayed does a little “Landslide” and it’s nice, but a little breathy for our taste.
  • Another original song is performed by Kez Ban. It’s predictably weird. Mariah seems unimpressed. Yeah, that wasn’t her best. She’s sent home. We don’t see what happened to anyone else in the group.

Group Three:

  • Ashlee Feliciano performs “A Thousand Years” and … hmmm. It’s not our favorite by her.
  • This group is very full of serious songs and downers, but finally Melinda Ademi “revs” things up on “Price Tag,” but revving it up is relative. She’s pretty vanilla, but compared to the suicide-watch girls before her, she seems like she’s on speed.
  • Kree Harrison sings “Stars” and talks about how she lost both parents by 19. Wow, that’s too bad. She’s very good, but we agree with what the judges have said previously — she doesn’t have that star quality. It seems like a confidence problem.
  • Kree and Melinda end up advancing, but Ashlee does not. Neither does Briana Oakley, which is a shame, she’s so good. We wish they’d shown her solo.
  • Turns out there’s another cut before Top 20, so thank goodness for that.

Girls Final Cut:

  • There are 24 girls left, so four of them have to go. Lauren Mink, Holly Marie Miller and Ariel Sprague are cut right away, leaving one person left to be cut.
  • They make Stephanie Schimel and Rachel Hale sing again, which is insane. Just cut Zoanette and be done with it, you lunatics.
  • Unfortunately, the judges cut Stephanie, which is ridiculous.

Guys Final Cut:

  • There are eight guys left to be cut. They ask to hear again from Adam Sanders, who really biffs it. He’s just, like, shrieking at parts. He fancies himself an Adam Lambert, but he’s no Glambert.
  • They also ask Josh Holiday to sing and his “Georgia On My Mind” is way too overly dramatic.
  • The judges end up cutting Peter Garrett, Marvin Calderone, Devin Jones, Kenny Harrison, Will White, Tony Foster, David Leathers and Adam Sanders. Bummer on David Leathers, he got cut at the end of last year.

Except the Top 40 hardly means anything because even though there’s a live studio audience next week, it’s not America voting yet.

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