adam lambert tour getty 'American Idol's' Adam Lambert as mentor: Zap2it readers weigh inHow will Adam Lambert do as the “American Idol” mentor for the Top 8? Zap2it readers come down on both sides.

It was leaked Tuesday, April 6 that Adam Lambert will be the guest mentor on next week’s “Idol.” Adam himself tweeted, “It’s true! In addition to performing on Idol April 14th, I will be mentoring the top 8 on the 13th. I feel honored to be asked” and “Even though I’m just at the start of my recording career, I hope to lend some insight as one who’s been thru the Idol adventure. excited!!”

What did the Zap2it readers think?

Adam Lambert rocks!

Mary: This is so exciting! Adam is electric on the stage – he will bring some fire back to AI!

Dave: He’ll be a fantastic mentor!! They couldn’t have chosen a better one. I can’t wait to see what he does.

Nina: Who better than a mega talented person who played that show like a Stradivarius. Like Paula said to him his first night on the big stage, No one in the history of that show, all seven seasons had been so comfortable on stage, and knew who they were as performers. Heaven knows this season 9 bunch needs all the help it can get…particularly in that area.

RockFan: He’s a perfect mentor. He’s accomplished what they all want–to make it the final show. And he’s an international star with an album at the top of the charts around the world. Kudos to AI for being smart enough to be fresh, current, and innovative in their thinking. This is a great idea!

Adamluvr: Adam is a fantastic choice for mentor. Not only has he been through the experience and can help in this area, he also has a fantastic stage presence which is missing from this year’s contestants. I can hardly wait for next week’s shows!!!

Adam Lambert is a terrible choice

Bill: What a joke. Knowing that the person who’s going to mentor you…LOST!

Mr. G: Why not just get Kris Allen instead?? He WON – Lambert LOST. Debbie, calm down – its so funny how you people jump on Lamberts bandwagon and the guy hasn’t done squat to deserve it. No hit album, no hit single, where is all the whoopla this man was supposed to cause?? Is it just online?? here??

Ken Trew: he is not someone who should be mentoring…he’s an overblown “windbag” with no class. He is so “full of himself” it is sickening!

Ruff: That is ridiculous… They should get someone who is actually a true successful star/idol from this show…Kelly, Carrie, or Jennifer Hudson.
First Miley Cyrus, now Adam Lambert… just adds to an already bad season.

Barbara: He hasn’t been in the biz long enough to mentor.

There were readers on both sides, but the majority of the Zap2it commenters were pro-Adam Lambert. What do you think? Vote now!

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