alex lambert american idol 'American Idol's' Alex Lambert: 'I wasn't expecting to go home'Alex Lambert was caught completely off-guard when he was eliminated from “American Idol.” He talks about his shock, overcoming his nerves and how much he’ll miss Siobhan Magnus.

On his surprising elimination:
It was emotional because a lot of people weren’t expecting the people who went home to go home. There’s people in the Top 12 that everyone thought were going home. People were telling me I had no reason to be nervous … I wasn’t expecting to go home. It was such a shock. The four people that went home, nobody thought they were going home. They were four other people, probably six other people who people thought would go home before us four.

On being so nervous and inexperienced:
Every time I got up there I couldn’t even sing my best because I was so nervous. I have a whole ‘nother series of songs that I can sing that sound so much better than what I’ve sang on the show … I didn’t know how to look at the cameras, I didn’t know how to react with the audience because I’d never done that before. I don’t regret anything because this is the beginning of my career. I’ve never really been on stage before. I think I did good for not having experience.

The only person who is going to help me overcome my nervousness and stage fright is me. In my head all I was thinking was to nail the song vocally and I wasn’t really worried about performing. I never thought that the show was as much a performing show. I wanted my vocal to be so much better than everyone else’s, I lost track of the fact that it was a television show.

Before “American Idol” I had performed at a few coffee shops and most of the people there were my friends and family. I don’t have any experience singing in front of people that I don’t know, so that was the main problem for me. I feel like if I had more experience then the sky’s the limit for me.

On who he’ll miss most from his “Idol” family:

My best friends would be Siobhan, Andrew and Lee. I’m going to miss those three so much, especially Siobhan. She didn’t think I was going to go home at all, I think that’s why she was so upset. All day yesterday [March 11] she was like, “You’re not going home, why are you so nervous?”

On what kind of artist he’ll be:
I know exactly what kind of artist I want to be. I really would like to do a bunch of acoustic stuff, but I would also like to be on some R&B tracks. I know my voice and I know what I can and can’t do and I know what would sound good on stuff, so I want to try all sorts of different genres.

Which Rolling Stones would he have performed?
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Final thoughts:

I really want to focus on my music and try to go somewhere. You’ll see me again, this isn’t the last of me. This is just the beginning.

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