andrew garcia lee dewyze idol 'American Idol's' Andrew Garcia: Lee Dewyze is 'my brother for life'Andrew Garcia was part of the “American Idol” double elimination. In his post-“Idol” interview, he talks about his twist as an artist, Adam Lambert and his bromance with Lee Dewyze.

On his “Straight Up” cover:
When I was looking through the list, I saw “Straight Up” by Paula and I thought, “She’s not on the show no more,” and I can do my little twist on this and see what happens. It took off, it went crazy!

On his bromance with Lee Dewyze:
We just jam a lot, we don’t really have a song. We’re hoping to write on tour. We just find ourselves doing the same thing at the same time and it’s really weird. We look at each other and we’re like, “Dude, we’re meant to be” … We’re like each other’s family. We come to each other when we’re having a
rough time. He’s knows I’m out here, he can call me. I will for sure go
to the shows and cheer him on, that’s my brother for life.

On going forward as an artist:
I’ll have my own music and I’ll love doing whatever I can do to my originals. I do take songs and put my own twists on them. I did “Straight Up” and “Forever.” I take pop, pop/R&B, pop/pop and just put my twist on it, make it acoustic … “Idol” has changed my views because it’s shown me there’s so much more to music and how amazing the industry is. I’m so glad we’ve gotten to work with amazing people.

On Adam Lambert’s advice as a mentor:
The best advice Adam Lambert gave me was to just let go and have fun and put my twist on it. I was just like, I know where he’s coming from because he puts his twist on everything he does and he’s amazing at it, so he inspired me.

What were Andrew’s favorite performances?
I would have to say “Chasing Pavements” by Adele and [“Forever” by] Chris Brown. Just because it was me and acoustic and I love when I get to do my thing with acoustic. I love just taking pop songs and even R&B songs and putting my twist on it.

On Simon and Adam calling him “boring”:
On stage, I was focusing more on just performing. They were talking about personality, but they don’t really hang out with me so they can’t really talk about my personality. If they hang out with me, they love me. Guaranteed. I actually did [try to show my personality] and they still bashed me, but you can’t win everybody over.

On his fellow contestants and the “Idol” experience:
I didn’t expect to go far and to go as far as I did was amazing. To be Top 9 is incredible, I’m so blessed and thankful that I even got that far. I wasn’t sad or bitter about anything, I was happy. I was thankful for the opportunities that I had … They couldn’t have done a better save. Michael Lynche, that guy is a warrior, I love that guy.

And to his fans:
My fans are so amazing, they get me and that’s all that matters. I know I didn’t let them down … This has been the most amazing experience. I’m thankful for every fan, every person who voted for me and even the ones who just talked to me about it.

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