girls born 'American Idol's' 'Born This Way' Mash Up: Top 12 gets 'Wild'Looks like the “American Idol” producers have been watching their fair share of “Glee.” Or at least have downloaded all of the show’s mash-ups.

The Top 12 took on Lady Gaga and Steppenwolf in the group number during the elimination show on Thursday, Mar. 17. The songs that were mashed togther? “Born This Way” and “Born to be Wild.”

The girls took on Gaga’s recent smash hit while the boys tackled the SteppenWolf classic. So how did the kids fare? While it was pretty cheesy (aren’t all the group numbers though?), we think they could hold their own against those “Glee” kids. (Ultimately, they would lose. Defeat is not an option for Rachel Berry!) Also, in a battle of girls vs. boys (Kind of “West Side Story”-esque), we think the girls took this one, no?

Final verdict: We will totally be downloading this “Born” mash-up. We’re not ashamed!

Posted by:tbricker