bucky covington 320 2 'American Idol's' Bucky Covington: Likes Casey James, loves new single 'A Father's Love'“American Idol” Season 5 finalist Bucky Covington just released his first single, “A Father’s Love,” off his sophomore album “I’m Alright,” due out later this year.

He talks to Zap2it about his music, still being in touch with his fellow Idols and what he thinks of comparisons between himself and this year’s “Idol” finalist Casey James.

Tell us about the new album, “I’m Alright.”
One thing I just absolutely love about country music is the variety of it. I have a song on there, “Hold a Woman,” that is very soulful, my “sexy side,” if you will. Then we’ve got “Evel Knievel” that is a fist-pumping party song. The title song “I’m Alright” is about how you broke up and then got drunk and then end up showing up on her doorstep to see if she’s okay. I absolutely love that song.

And what about your first single, “A Father’s Love?”

“A Father’s Love” is a song that came along when I thought the album was done. It was a “stop the presses” moment. We got it done and cut and out to radio stations in about three weeks. It’s relatable to anybody. Fathers sometimes don’t say “I love you” and hug you all the time and that’s what the song is about. He says he loves you the best way he knows how, by helping you with your car or fixing up your house. I love the line “I knew he’d stiffen up but I hugged him anyway” because my dad now has gone through some health things and that’s what makes you tell him [you love him] and it’s still awkward but you hug him anyway.

Are you on tour right now?

Right now we’re actually kicking off this weekend with hitting the road again. The next couple weeks we’ll be in North and South Carolina then we take off to Rhode Island and stuff like that. You can check out all the dates on my MySpace page or BuckyCovington.com.

How do you feel about being included in Country Weekly’s Hottest Bachelor poll?
You know, um, it’s a very cool thing to be voted for. If anybody thinks I’m hot, God bless ’em.

Have you seen Casey James on Season 9 of “American Idol?” You two bear a passing resemblance.
I have seen him! I saw him one night playing the electric guitar and I was like, “Man, he’s got a great Jonny Lang feel to him.” Then Randy said he’s got a Stevie Ray Vaughn, Jonny Lang feel and I thought, “Nailed it.” [laughs]

Would you be interested in doing something with him after “Idol?” You both play the guitar.

You know, it would probably be very neat to do something like that, if it wouldn’t just completely p*** off my brother. I have a twin brother. He’ll be like, “You’re singing with the other guy who looks like me?” My brother is actually in my band with me, he plays percussion and does backup vocals and he’ll sometimes come up and sing a song.

We forgot all about that! That’s too funny. You could have some kind of trio act.

[laughs] It’s kinda been done, with Hanson. I’m liable to steer clear, I’m digging my solo thing here. You know, they say the hardest thing about being in a band is being in a band.

So what about your season of “American Idol.” Are you still in touch with your Idol comrades?
I do still occasionally talk to folks. I talk to Chris Daughtry every so often. He’ll text me if he needs a new joke or something. Kellie [Pickler] too, I don’t see her as much as I used to. I still in touch with Elliot Yamin really good. Every so often I’ll get a text from Taylor Hicks.

Do you have any messages for your fans?
Especially the people that picked me up on “American Idol,” the fact that they started pulling for me before I Even had music is so great. And then there’s all the fans who didn’t even know I was on “Idol.” God bless ’em all and I hope to see you soon.

Check out Bucky’s official website for information on purchasing merchandise and music and check out his MySpace page for all the latest tour details. “I’m Alright” should be out in fall 2010 and “A Father’s Love” will be available for download by the end of April.

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