colton dixon piano man idol 'American Idol's' Colton Dixon to Ryan Seacrest: 'Watch it' with the results night fake outsIt’s still sort of amusing when Ryan Seacrest nearly gives an “American Idol” contestant a heart attack on results night.

Pretending they’re in the Bottom 3 before telling them to retreat to a stool of safety is still funny 11 seasons in. But after three weeks in a row of pretty realistic fake-outs, Colton Dixon is sick of Seacrest’s shenanigans.

Dixon tells Zap2it that the “Idol” host better not try any funny business when it’s time to read the Top 10 results. After last week, he can’t take it anymore.

“Okay, this is the third time he’s juked me out, and juked me out bad. If
he does it again, I will choke the guy on stage,” he tells Zap2it with a smile. (Colton’s a lover, not a fighter. He was joking. We are certain he will not inflict violence on America’s favorite talent show host.)

After that fantastic rendition of Billy Joel‘s “Piano Man” that closed out the Top 10 performance show, we’re pretty sure he’ll be safe. But just in case, he has a message for Seacrest should he attempt a fake-out once more: “You better watch out.
It’s going to be war. Watch it.”

Hear that, Seacrest?

Posted by:Jean Bentley