crystal bowersox ai top 20 'American Idol's' Crystal Bowersox on almost quitting: 'No apologies for being human'It broke on Thursday, April 16 that “American Idol” contestant Crystal Bowersox was homesick and ready to leave the show a couple weeks ago, but that host Ryan Seacrest convinced her to stay.

Bowersox is widely considered the Season 9 frontrunner — losing her would be a huge blow to the show and would be quite the opportunity wasted by the talented artist. Seacrest reportedly told her what winning would mean to her and that via “American Idol” he was able to buy his own mother a house and she would be similarly positioned to do the same.

Thankfully, Crystal never left the show. Since the news has hit the internet about her possible departure, she took to the official “American Idol” Facebook page to respond. She writes, “No apologies for being human. Life is always testing one’s strength and weakness threshold. That’s how we learn how strong we really are:-).”

You go, Crystal! We can only imagine how crazy it must be for “Idol” contestants. The stress and pressure must be tremendous and we are glad Ryan Seacrest was able to talk Crystal down. Nor should she have to apologize. We think this just shows another facet to her personality and makes her even more likable.

What do you guys think? Apologies for being human?

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