crystal bowersox official w 'American Idol's' Crystal Bowersox talks wedding plans: 'None of it has to be perfect'“American Idol” Season 9 runner-up Crystal Bowersox recently announced her engagement to musician Brian Walker, who she plans to marry in the next month.

We all felt for Bowersox when her last boyfriend broke up with her on the eve of the “American Idol” finale this May, so we’re happy to hear that she’s moving on. Though it may seem like things are moving fast with her and Walker, Bowersox tells People that it’s not as much of a whirlwind courtship as it may seem.

“Brian’s known me for a long time, and so he’s been a part of my life for a long time,” she says. Walker’s closeness with her one-year-old son, Tony, is also a plus. “He’s known my boy. They laugh constantly. It’s hilarious.”

Bowersox wants Tony to be able to admire her marriage. She says, “I’ve never really in my life had a great representation of what a good
marriage is. My parents divorced, and a
lot of people in my family are divorced, so I hope to give my son a
great model of what a happy marriage is or relationship could be.”

As for the speedy wedding plans, Bowersox isn’t breaking a sweat over it. :None of it has to be perfect – just the part of saying, ‘I do.’ That’s
the only thing that really matters, right?” she says. “If everything
else goes wrong, it doesn’t matter.”

We wonder if her fellow Idols will be on the invite list!

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Photo: Fox

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie