elise testone top 13 'American Idol's' Elise Testone on Top 12 week: 'I love the song I'm singing and am totally in my element'Let’s be honest: Last week wasn’t Elise Testone‘s greatest “American Idol” experience to date. The talented singer fell flat during the Top 13 round with her cover of Whitney Houston‘s “I’m Your Baby Tonight” and wound up in the bottom two.

But going into the Top 12 performance show, Testone tells Zap2it that she feels much better about her song choice this week and is really excited to redeem herself in the eyes of America.

“This week I love the song I’m singing and am totally in my element. I’m
just really, really happy and excited to share it with everyone,” she says.

The song choice is secondary to her attitude about the show overall, though. She honestly doesn’t feel like she bombed during Whitney week, and despite the judges’ not really liking her performance, they still had positive feedback.

“I was upset last week because one, I was just in sort of a weird state of mind in general — lady time — but I went back and watched it and I really felt like my performance was pretty spot-on, so I felt better about that. I know who I am, so I just remember that’s all that matters. Also, the judges, in their criticism there was a lot of positive, too. They were saying ‘You have an amazing voice, there’s no denying that,’ so it really wasn’t that bad.”

Contestants have to choose songs from their birth year for this week’s show, a task that proved difficult considering the wide variety of choices and the difficulties involved in licensing the rights to “Idol.”

“I was worried at first because there were, like, 12 songs that I loved right away, but none of them we could get permission for,” she says.

But there was a loophole, she explains: “Finally I found one that someone re-released, that was a cover — you’ll see — but it was really really great, so it worked out.
I really wanted to do some Michael Jackson and some Prince and Journey and Cyndi Lauper, but none of those worked.”

Overall, Testone says she’s much more optimistic about the competition this week. “I feel like myself again. I feel really excited about everything, so I’m just gonna do the best I can and whatever happens is what happens.”

Posted by:Jean Bentley