elliott yamin chile earthquake twitter 'American Idol's' Elliott Yamin tweets from Chile during earthquake: 'I swear I thought this was the end of my life!!!!!'A massive earthquake with a magnitude of 8.8 hit off the coast of Chile early Saturday morning (Feb. 27). And “American Idol” season 5 finalist Elliott Yamin was tweeting from the country during the horrible disaster.

The “Idol” contender first tweeted: “Huge earthquake just now in Chile!!….I swear I thought this was the end of my life!!!!!”

]]>[Bleep]!!!!!! I take it all back everybody!!….I just escaped w my life,from an 8.3 earthquake!!!…is everybody ok?…where was the epicener?“ “Complete and utter choas on the streets…no power…my heart is beatin outta my chest!….tsunami warnin…I am only a mile inland!“ “Hey everybody…we r totally safe and sound 4 the time being…I’m finally calmer,and dawn is approaching,which will help!..thx 4 ur prayers.” “Oh [bleep]!!..here come some more aftershox….sweet jesus,and baby jesus!!

The earthquake is the largest to strike the country since a record-shattering 9.5 quake hit Chile in May 1960. The quake reportedly killed 1,655 people, according to CNN. A tsunami warning was reportedly issued for Chile and Peru shortly after the earthquake struck, though Yamin tweets: “Whoa!!…my bro just informed me that cnn is relayin my tweets!!…please knw that we r safe, and there is currently no threat of a tsunami.“ Yamin traveled to Chile to perform this week in the Vina del Mar International Song Festival. The singer became a household name during the fifth season of “American Idol” when he placed third behind runner-up Katharine McPhee and winner Taylor Hicks. Watch Elliott sing “Rock Around The Clock” in this video from the festival which was posted Feb. 25 on MJ’s Big Blog.

The Dish Rag‘s thoughts and prayers are with Elliott and all of those affected by the

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[UPDATE: A previous verison of this post referred to the festival as the Competencia Internacional in Viña del Mar.]

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