elliott yamin twitter big 'American Idol's' Elliott Yamin: Did Sandra Bullock adopt her baby to 'prove she's NOT a racist?'
“American Idol”
Season 5 finalist Elliott Yamin has graced the Twitter world with his
musings on the Sandra Bullock situation. He wonders,
“Is sandra
bullocks adoption an attempt 2 prove she’s NOT a racist and DOES NOT
hate jews like her loser husband?…just curious.”

]]>adopted her baby back in January, before any of the cheating scandal and subsequent Nazi-related photos/mistress were revealed. Furthermore, the adoption process was started by Sandra and husband Jesse James four years ago.  We can’t possibly imagine Sandra started the adoption process knowing about all of the Nazi stuff. Secondly, Sandra has stated that she did not specify race or sex for her adopted baby. It just worked out that she got an African-American baby from New Orleans. Thirdly,

we aren’t sure how adopting an African-American baby translates into not hating Jews. We aren’t saying that Sandra Bullock hates Jews at all. We just think perhaps that particular logic train derailed. Fourthly,
we would like to offer this tweet in response, “”Is elliott yamin’s trip to Angola for “Idol Gives Back” an attempt 2 prove he’s NOT a racist… just curious.” And finally, maybe not every thought you have that can be expressed in 140 characters should be tweeted out. Just a piece of advice from your folks here at Zap2it’s Dish Rag. UPDATE: Elliott must have been getting some pretty angry Twitter responses because he followed up his Sandra tweet 30 minutes later with, “its just a question
people….calm down” and seven minutes after that with, “Its only a question,not my opinion guys.” Arguing that it’s not your opinion, merely that you posed the question is kind of semantics at this point. Maybe Kris Allen can offer you some advice on how to walk this back. Twitter: Getting celebrities in trouble since 2007. Follow Zap2it and Zap2it Andrea on Twitter and follow Zap2it on Facebook for the latest TV, movie and celeb news. More Elliott Yamin dish: Elliott Yamin’s Season 9 faves are Casey James, Aaron Kelly, Big Mike
Elliott Yamin, Kara DioGuardi in Angola for ‘Idol Gives Back’
What was Elliott Yamin singing during the ‘Idol Gives Back’ video? Photo credit: Twitter

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