kara dioguardi 320 'American Idol's' Kara DioGuardi: Loves Harry Connick Jr. as judge, Bret Michaels 'lovely'Chalk up another “American Idol” person who is on board with Zap2it’s campaign to get Harry Connick Jr. as Simon Cowell‘s replacement. Judge Kara DioGuardi had that idea before Connick even came on the show to mentor.

“I told them [to get Harry Connick Jr.] before he was even on the show. I’ve seen him play at some
events and he’ll take those horribly boring events and turn then into
something interesting,” says Kara. So would he be a good replacement for Simon? “No, he would be amazing.”

But what about the Simon Replacement du jour, Bret Michaels? He seems like a popular choice.

“I’ve only spent a few minutes with Bret and he’s lovely,” Kara agrees. “What I liked about him is he’s very open and he feels honest. When you’re speaking to him it feels like he’s speaking from his heart.”

“But I don’t know the basis of how these names are coming to the press,” she continues. “I really think it’s gotta be somebody who can help these kids and has experience as an artist and as an executive because that was Simon’s strength.”

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