kara dioguard getty 320 'American Idol's' Kara DioGuardi on Crystal vs. Lee    'consistent' vs. 'growth'Zap2it caught up with “American Idol” judge Kara DioGuardi to dish on Season 9 — Lee vs. Crystal and what she’s up to before the Season 10 auditions kick off.

We first had to ask about the finale. How did she feel about Lee DeWyze winning over the season-long front-runner Crystal Bowersox?

“I don’t think people vote on the specific night. They don’t go, ‘Whoever does the best during the finale is gonna win,'” Kara explains. “Crystal was at the forefront of the competition from very early on, but it’s very difficult for the front-runner to win the competition. The underdog comes up and takes it.”

“Crystal really has a sense of who she is and she was very consistent from week to week. If you were voting for that, it’s gotta be Crystal,” Kara continues. “If you were voting for growth and for someone who took the critiques and got better, then it’s gotta be Lee.”

Now that “Idol” is over for the year, we ask Kara what she’ll be doing to keep busy and she laughs. “That’s what’s so interesting about the ‘Idol’ gig — do people think that they just pulled me in off the street? ‘Idol’ takes the least amount of time.”

“I’m still working at Warner Bros. with Jason Derulo and a new singer Neon, we’re working on their records. I have a publishing company that I co-own, so I’m running htat. I’m still writing in the studio and I just started a radio show.”

A radio show! We must know more. Kara laughs again, “Yeah, it’s a Saturday DJ gig, it’s fun. It’s on 104.3 MYfm.” So Kara obviously is keeping busy with many other projects. But  laments the fact that people can only focus on “that terrible winners’ song, oh my god,” she laughs.

Look for more of our Kara DioGuardi interview this week — she weighs in on some of the possible Simon Cowell replacements and also tells us about her job judging the new Folgers commercial jingle contest.

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