katelyn epperly american id 'American Idol's' Katelyn Epperly is pulling for Crystal Bowersox all the wayKatelyn Epperly talks about her favorite “American Idol” moment, rooting for Crystal to go all the way and how this is only the beginning for her career.

On her most memorable “Idol” moment:
Playing “The Scientist” with that white piano. I’m definitely in my element when I’m just sitting behind the keys without a band, just super raw and intimate. I definitely had my own personal moment while I sang that song … Without going into anything too specific, it’s definitely a song that comes to mind when I think about anything hard I’ve had to deal with. Any sort of loss. It’s a song that is sad but also hopeful. I wanted to do it slow, I wanted to focus on the lyrics. The song just cries and I wanted to portray that and I think I did, despite what the judges might have said.

On her best “Idol” friends:

Lilly and I were best friends throughout. We were roommates and we hung out all the time … Lilly, Crystal and I have gotten really close. I don’t typically hang out with girls very often so this was a rare thing for all three of us, to really truly have female friends and to get along so well and to be so supportive of one another … It was a pretty big disappointment for me to see Lilly go home. If I was sitting at home watching the show, she would by far over all the other girls not be the one going home for me. 

On getting out of her element this week:
I definitely was trying to find a song that would portray me as an artist, which is difficult for a singer/songwriter because I don’t really listen to mainstream music. I don’t typically perform covers. I wanted to do something edgier with the Wurlitzer. It didn’t work out for me, but I don’t regret doing it because I love that era and I love that song.

On who she’s rooting for in the Top 12:
I wish them all well because everyone’s worked so hard. But honestly, Crystal Bowersox ha been a true friend to me and she is genuinely a good person. When she sings, it comes from the heart. You’ve watched her, it’s just natural for her. She totally deserves it and I’m pulling for her all the way.

On moving forward with her music:
For now since I’m flat broke I gotta go back to Des Moines [laughs], start working and continue to pursue recording and writing music with all sorts of artists. A band called Love Drug, I’m going to get together with them and get back to what I truly love to do.

Final thoughts:

I’m so thankful for those who watched and voted, even those who didn’t vote. This is such an incredible platform for me to start off on. I really hope that my fans and supporters continue to follow my work because I’m not stopping and I hoped those who liked my covers on “Idol” will like my original music. I hope I can continue to build that fan base and really thank you so much.

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