idol alaina top24 'American Idol's' Lauren Alaina: Did 'Turn On the Radio' win your vote?“American Idol’s” Lauren Alaina performed one of our favorite songs, Reba McEntire’s “Turn On the Radio,” on Wednesday’s showdown between the Top 12 female hopefuls. In rockstar makeup and a leather jacket, Alaina didn’t look like the “average teenager” she described herself as in her video package.

“This show is like the ticket to showing the whole country what you’re all about,” says 16-year-old Alaina, who has a tendency to sing directly to Steven Tyler in her performances. We loved hearing her country twang, and so did the judges. “My little Lauren, you look so beautiful tonight,” Jennifer Lopez says. “You don’t even have to try. It’s crazy to me when I watch you up there. The voice is just so effortless.”

“You have a natural gift. You can sing anything. I don’t even believe you know how good you are,” Randy adds. “You remind me… of a combination of [Kelly Clarkson] meets Carrie [Underwood].”

Tyler weighed in, of course. “Just because someone like you can sing into the stratosphere doesn’t mean you should do it every time. I missed it on this song, but… they haven’t seen the best of you yet.”

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie