michael lynche eliminated american idol 'American Idol's' Michael Lynche: 'It's the time to keep sprinting and charging ahead'“American Idol” lost Big Michael Lynche this week. He just missed out on his goal of making the Top 3 but he knows he is where he’s supposed to be. He talks in his exit interview about the save, the pressure, losing his mom and the birth of his daughter.

On his experience as a whole:
Hollywood Week for me is really when this got real. It wasn’t hoping that you do well anymore, I had to do well. Because of the sacrifice I was making at that time, it was very important for me to do well. My wife always supports me no matter what and it’s nice that I get to be the family man and I’m not anybody else but that. It was nice that that was my story.

Did the pressure get to him?

I live for pressure. If you’re going to be something great, you have to be able to deal with a pressure situation. I did well … and felt good about what I did and it just didn’t happen for me to be in the Top 3. But I’m where I’m supposed to be and God definitely has a plan for my life. I really feel that I’m where I’m supposed to be … I don’t feel like I let anyone down. I came out and did what I do and the people just didn’t vote that way.

Do contestants always need to work on making a song their own?

I feel like you should always do something original. Everybody should always make the song their own. I think you get into the karaoke zone when you just do a good version, so I always wanted to have the song feel like I wrote it.

On his experience moving from football to back to music:
My mom had failing health for a long time. She was diagnosed with cancer and my heart really was missing home and missing my mom and being with her. Then my mom ended up passing away and it just really kind of threw me for a loop for a bit. I lost my way and I started working with kids at a middle school, special ed kids, and it really was just the best thing for my heart at the time. Really was the best work I’ve ever done in my life.

At the same time, I bought a guitar again — I hadn’t had a guitar for awhile because my plan was to play professional football. But that [music] side started growing again, I just really hadn’t explored it because of athletics. When I left [the University of Central Florida], it was a really confusing time in a young guy’s life, just really trying to find my way. But I got to spend some great last time … at home with her in that last little bit of time here on earth.

On the save situation:
I like that concept of “sing for your life” because for me, every week
is sing for your life. Your time [on the show] isn’t guaranteed at all, I
never wanted to take anything for granted. When I got to that point and
it was literally sing for your life, I felt that I could do that …
When it got down to Andrew and I, I wanted it to be me in the moment, I
didn’t want him to have to go through that, he’s a good buddy of mine. I
felt strong enough to take that on. I wasn’t surprised that they saved
me, just extremely grateful to be around.

And is the save is a good thing for the show to have?
It’s two-sided. As far as the voting goes, it’s really one of my favorite parts of the show, that people get to pick their champions. But I think as far as the save goes, it really speaks to your work ethic and your professionalism and what they see of you … on set and around the crew. It just speaks to who you are as a professional, to take a chance to say to America, “Think about this again because this person really has shown us to be somebody worth taking another look at.”

And on missing the birth of his daughter for “Idol.” Was it worth it?
I don’t think you can say anything is worth missing the birth of your child. Only time will let those wounds heal, but I think it definitely gives my family a good chance in the future and gives my daughter a better chance that I did it and took that sacrifice. But me personally, of course I didn’t want to miss it and of course I would choose that over [“American Idol”], but it wasn’t a choice. This was what I needed to do for the family. I’m definitely looking forward to spending more time, but my schedule … hasn’t really thinned out yet. And it’s the time to keep sprinting and charging ahead so you use this opportunity that you’ve been seen on TV to an advantage.

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