nigel lythgoe american idol emmys 'American Idol's' Nigel Lythgoe: 'There was no apology!'   Steven Tyler apology a joke. Duh.“American Idol” executive producer Nigel Lythgoe spoke with the press Thursday (Feb. 17) about the season so far, where he addressed the judges, the talent, the ratings and the lack of sense of humor on the part of some Americans.

One journalist wanted to know what exactly the apology issued by FOX was for — remember that “apology” on the title card a few weeks ago (that we at Zap2it all got as a joke). Nigel says:

“This is what amazes me. There was no apology! It’s obvious to me, it’s
plenty difficult sometimes to get British humor. It was the producers,
not FOX, that apologized. It was the producers who wished to apologize
for Steven using a language that he shouldn’t be using and then of course he went on to say, ‘You know what gluck rhymes with? It rhymes
with … ‘ and badumdumdum it went into the titles. Yes, [it was a joke].
I’m quite surprised the people that watched that didn’t get that. So it
was poor humor on us Brits’ part or lack of humor and sarcasm on
America’s part.”

Don’t worry, Nigel. We got the joke.

Nigel went on to address the judges:

“This was what we wanted. We never wanted anybody to be held up against
Simon. Simon is his own man and brilliant at what he does and you cannot
replace someone like that. So if you do somebody who is their own
preson – Steven Tyler is never going to be like Simon Cowell. Jennifer
is, of course, she’s, these are stars in their own right and something happened
last night [filming in Las Vegas] that just touched us all that would never have really happened before on the show. You suddenly go, ‘Wow, you really are
dealing here with real people. They might be stars, but they are really

“And one thing that should not be forgotten because everyone really is
focusing on Jennifer and Steven, because they’re brilliant, but the the role Randy
is now playing is being overlooked. He is now the anchor of this
program. I always know that whatever happens, Randy is there and will
move the process on. Randy’s role should not be dismissed because he
really is using more words than ‘dawg.'”

And on this year’s talent:

“I think the talent that we found this year, and I’ll be totally honest
with you, is probably the best talent I’ve seen as a group on AI ever. I
think tonight if you watch the show you will agree with me.”

On “Idol’s” ratings, which are still high but not quite as astronomical as they once were:

“I think the viewing figures have held up brilliantly, considering we’re in our 10th season, we have lost our two main stars in Paula and Simon and we’re in a very good place.”

“American Idol” wraps up Hollywood Week Thursday night (Feb. 17) at 8 p.m. ET on FOX.

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