Right after “American Idol’s'” Top 13 show started on the east coast, contestant Paul McDonald tweeted, “I hope you enjoy the tune I chose for the show tonight…it might not
be top 40 tv hits, but I enjoy artists that are a bit under the radar!”

So what tune did Paul choose? Ryan Adam’s “Come Pick Me Up,” which is not exactly a mainstream Top 40 hit. A risk? Definitely. Did it pay off? That’s yet to be determined.

After Paul’s performance, which included a whole lot of his “Paul McDonald two-step,” the judges stressed the fact that they love his quirkiness before worrying about his song choice. “I love who Paul is. I love Ryan Adams. I hope America gets it,” Randy Jackson said. Steven Tyler added he “loves the character and rasp in your voice,” but did say Paul’s performance was a bit pitchy.

Jennifer Lopez said he was “so unique,” before admitting “I don’t know Ryan Adams or that song,” to which Paul responded, “You should!” To be clear, he didn’t mean it in a mean-spirited way and soon after tweeted, “I’m pretty pumped about introducing Jennifer Lopez to Ryan Adams.”

After his performance, Paul said, “I hope America gets what I did today. It’s one of my favorite tunes and my favorite artist. So if you like me, you’ll like the song. So hopefully you guys get it.”

What did you think of Paul’s song choice, Zappers?

Posted by:tbricker