pia nma "American Idol's" Pia Toscano gets the Japanimation treatmentPia Toscano is going to be a huge star. We know this because the most recent “Idol” eliminatee is already the subject of her own NMA Japanimation video tribute — joining the ranks of Conan O’Brien, Charlie Sheen and Tiger Woods.

In the animation, fans are depicted throwing a pizza-like food at the TV after learning Toscano’s fate, while a cigar-smoking Simon Cowell sits on a bed laughing at the ridiculous mistake that doubtless would never have happened on his watch. Teen girls, who apparently wear dish towels on their heads, are also blamed for stuffing the ballot boxes for Stefano Langone. As per usual, the animation is top notch. In particular, look out for the spot-on (not) depictions of Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler.

The voiceover:

“American Idol fans are up in arms after fan favorite Pia Toscano was voted off the show. Reports say people are petitioning the show to bring Pia back and boot off Stefano, who was chosen to stay. Idol’s voting system is under suspicion. Some people reported having trouble voting for Pia online. Glitches aside, Idol might be biased against women, as the teen girl fans often favor male contestants. The new judges are facing criticism too. They burned their one ‘save’ on Casey Abrams. Things will be okay for Pia, though, considering she’s already landed a record deal. Besides, where are some of the Idol “winners” now?”

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson