randy jackson idol 320 'American Idol's' Randy Jackson: 'The Voice' is 'gimmicky'Watch out — there’s about to be a reality singing competition fight!

It all started when Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine, one of the vocal coaches on NBC’s “The Voice,” said, “The people that we’re not turning our chairs around for could win “American Idol.” Basically, he was implying that the lowest level of talent on their show could be the best on FOX’s hit show. Those sure are fighting words, Mr. Levine. 
Now, “Idol” judge Randy Jackson has reacted to Levine’s remark in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. “It’s a great thing when talent can be simple, honest and revered as opposed to spinning around with gimmicky chairs,” he says. “Maybe Simon Cowell should have people opening doors. Like, ‘Knock, knock; Who’s singing? I can’t see you!’ Point to Jackson/ Team “Idol”!
Obviously, Jackson was joking (for the most part), but does make a good point about “Idol” paving the way for shows like “The Voice.” “Look, none of these other shows could exist without somebody forging the path before them. I’m happy to say that ‘Idol’ that that and paved the way.”
While we agree with Levine that there has been some pretty amazing talent featured on “The Voice” so far, we think it’s a little early to be calling out “Idol.” It’s been on for ten years. Clearly they’re doing something right.  
Which side are you on, Zappers? Team “Idol” or Team “Voice”? Make your case in the comments.
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