scott macintyre season 9 american idol 'American Idol's' Scott MacIntyre on season 9: 'Waiting for someone to jump with both feet'Scott MacIntyre was recently back in Los Angeles to perform on “American Idol.” Zap2it sat down with him to dish on the current season of “Idol.”

Scott tells Zap2it he has “gotten to catch a lot of the show” and specifically says he saw “Pants on the Ground” from the early auditions.

He then teases us that he covered “Pants” as a bonus track on his new album “Heartstrings,” which got us all excited until he revealed that he was just kidding.

The last four eliminations from the semi-finals came as a surprise to just about everyone, including Scott. “It’s been kind of weird week to week, it’s felt a little bit inconsistent to me. Some of the people who went home I thought had great moments.”

He also touches on how nervous the Idols were the night he and Matt Giraud returned to the “Idol” stage. “There’s nothing you can do about the results. You just have to make sure when you go, as everyone will … that you’re prepared to give your best performance on your last performance … You can’t change the results.”

Finally, when pressed for his opinions about this season’s contestants, Scott tells us, “I’m still waiting for someone to jump with both feet in and really show me that they believe in what they’re doing … I haven’t seen anyone yet where I look at that person and I’m like, ‘I want them in the Top 5.'”

Perhaps after the Rolling Stones last week, Scott feels differently but we have to say … we’re waiting for someone to really grab the competition by the throat too.

Look for more great interview clips with Scott MacIntyre in the coming weeks. He talks about “Heartstrings” and the fabulous MySpace break-up song, a book he’s currently writing and his work as a motivational speaker.

You can also keep up on the latest Scott happenings at his official website or on by following him on Twitter.

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