tim urban american idol 'American Idol's' Tim Urban: 'I've always had a desire to act'“American Idol” held its third installment of “Idol Gives Back” on Wednesday, April 21, but amidst all the performances there were still voting results to be taken care of and Tim Urban was sent home.

Tim talks about his religious background and charity work, the way he felt about being the Vote for the Worst choice and how he wants to get into acting.

On his religions background:

I grew up in a Christian home and those set of morals and that upbringing has shaped me musically and shaped me as a person. It’s hard to explain because it’s pretty much who I am, not just a part of my life. [On his mission work] I was in South African and Swaziland taking nutritonal products to some orphanages there. That was a really amazing and gut-wrenching experience. That’s one of the reasons I was excited about “Idol Gives Back.”

On Vote for the Worst:
I’m not excited that I was on their web site. I think it’s really not anything that anybody should be proud of. Basically, I was working my hardest to get off of it. I’m actually kind of sad that I was on that website.

On his relationship with judge Simon Cowell:
It was funny, I actually didn’t have a problem with Simon’s critiques. I thought he was just speaking his mind and I tried to use that and apply it. It was cool that he recognized I was working, but we never had a problem.

On moving forward:
I love music, that’s what I love, but I’ve always had a desire to act and just be in that side of the entertainment industry, so I would be really excited if I got the chance to be on that side as well. I’m really just excited about the whole thing.

On which contestants he is closest to:
That’s a tough question, we’re all around each other 24/7 so we’re all really close in different ways. I’ve been getting pretty close to Casey James and Big Mike. I also ended up getting close to Lee and Andrew. Aaron is kind of like a little brother. Siobhan, she’s awesome, Crystal. They’re all just really good friends, but in different ways. But the people I spent the most time with are problem Casey, Big Mike, Lee and Andrew … Everybody wants everybody to do well every week. Having that support was really cool.

On his whole “Idol” experience and being eliminated:
My mindset was you never know what’s going to happen but I was excited for how far I’d gotten and I was really proud of how I did. Also being part of “Idol Gives Back” kind of lightens the blow of [elimination]. The wait wasn’t that hard because it was such an awesome show … It was such a great experience. I almost lost sight of the fact that it was a results show. I was a little sad I didn’t get to sing one last time on that stage, but I’ll get to come back for the finale and hopefully get to perform on that stage again.

On his infamous smile:
I think I smile because I have a really solid grounding and I know who I am and I know that regardless of what happens around me, I know that’ll still be there. It’s just such a blessing to be here and to have this opportunity that I really couldn’t help but smile, even when they were criticizing me because that’s a part of it. It wasn’t a nervous smile, it was me having fun on stage. I didn’t want to get depressed about the comments, so I just decided to not let them affect me that much.

And who does he think is going to be in the finale?
You know, honestly, I’ve been thinking about this. It really is really hard to say. Any of them at any moment could just step out there and really just blow America away. For me, I really don’t know. I’m kind of excited to see who is going to step up and amaze America. I’m rooting for everyone to really step up and make it really difficult.

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