todrick hall american idol 320 'American Idol's' Todrick Hall would love to be the next cast member on 'Glee'First it was “American Idol” for Todrick Hall. Now he has his sights set
on “Glee.”

On going out the week he does well:
I feel like I should’ve done that a couple weeks earlier. As you can tell, I’m an African-American male. A lot of people were telling me to sing Usher, Chris Brown, Ne-Yo, Stevie Wonder but that’s not the kind of music I want to sing. I sadly feel that if I had just sang the cookie-cutter songs that people wanted me to do, if I had just been a normal guy, I feel like I would’ve done better. But I’m happy I stayed true to myself.

On his “Wizard of Oz” scandal:

I’m so glad I can about that now. I do want everybody to know I’m not a scam artist, I’m a nice person. I’m just an ambitious kid who got wrapped up with a producer who didn’t know what he was doing and I allowed my name to be attached to that. I think the show is going to happen again and we’ll be able to fix that. Just for the record, I was the writer, director and choreographer for that show, I was not the producer. I never dealt with any money side of the show.

On the contradictory judges’ comments:
If Lady Gaga was on “Idol,” they wouldn’t say good things about her. They want you to be out of the box and tell you to change, but then they tell you you’re changing too much. You have to find the line of when it is changing too much and when it is being cookie-cutter and karaoke, which sometimes they still like.

On what he was going to do for the Rolling Stones next week:
I was going to sing “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction.” I was going to dance for the first time too. Ellen said last week, “I think you should dance,” so I was going to be the first contestant to do a dance break, like Crystal does with her mouth harp.

On what’s next for him:
I’m being my own personal campaign manager to get myself on “Glee.” I would be perfect for that show, so I’m telling everyone that I would love, love, love to be the next cast member on “Glee.” That’s why I came on “American Idol,” to take this platform and do something else with it … Ellen is helping me promote it, I’m going to be on “Ellen” next week. I wouldn’t be pursuing it if I didn’t think I could do it. I just think that anything’s possible now.

Final thoughts:
I appreciate everything that everyone has done for me, all the fans voting for me. Everybody, whenever you hear something about “Glee,” mention my name and help me get on the show or just get an audition. I think I’ll do “American Idol” and FOX proud if I get to be on there.

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