iconic boyz abdc 'America's Best Dance Crew' finale: ICONic Boyz, I aM mE sound offIn just a few short days, there will be a new “America’s Best Dance Crew” in town.

]]>Zap2it spoke with the finalists (amidst the craziness) before hitting the MTV stage for the very last time this season. “It’s kind of surreal,” I aM mE says. “This has been where we’ve lived, I mean, I don’t even remember anything before this, we’ve been here for so long. “To know that we’re going back into the real world and everything’s gonna change is a really weird feeling, but I think we just want to enjoy this last time on the stage because even though we’re exhausted and we know that in a week — after we sleep — we’re gonna be missing this,” they add. “I think whether we win or lose, we’re always gonna be happy for the other team,” the fan (and Lil’ Mama) favorite ICONic Boyz tell us. “Even if we don’t win, we think that we’ll always be champions no matter what and there’s always gonna be more open doors in the future.” With so many years ahead of them, we have to agree. Watch the backstage video below, where the Boyz also dish on how they plan to deal with their new found fame. The winner will be announced during a special “ABDC” broadcast just before the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday June 5th at 7:30 p.m. ET/PT.

Posted by:Sophie Schillaci