lil mama movie awards 'America's Best Dance Crew': Lil' Mama talks I aM mE, ICONic Boyz“America’s Best Dance Crew” judge Lil’ Mama may have been pulling for the ICONic Boyz this season, but that’s not to say she doesn’t think highly of the winning crew, I aM mE.

]]>Zap2it snagged a moment with Mama on the red carpet at the MTV Movie Awards. Since not even the crews knew who won until the broadcast reveal, we tried to sneak any information out of Mama that we could. “No…” she says slyly when asked if she knew the winner. “I’ll just be honest, I love ICONic to death. Those are my boys. Both crews are amazing for their own reason. I aM mE did their thing this season and they set the mark for young people, as well as ICONic Boyz… Chachi’s [Olivia Gonzalez] only 15! Ok? And she moves like she is just ready for the world. “I love both crews genuinely at heart,” she adds. “I just have a soft spot for the kids.” We also talk superheroes with the “Lipgloss” singer (who often dresses like one on “ABDC”). Mama tells us that if she had superpowers, they would include “cyclopic vision” and “the power of storm.” Watch the rest of our chat in the video below.

Posted by:Sophie Schillaci