iconic boyz abdc 'America's Best Dance Crew's' ICONic Boyz talk Justin Bieber episodePint size New Jersey based dance crew, ICONic Boyz, couldn’t have a more fitting challenge in front of them for Thursday’s (May 12) episode of “America’s Best Dance Crew.”

]]>D-Trix referred to them as “a bunch of dancing Justin Biebers.” Now, Bieber himself is doling out challenges to each of the crews as they take on remixes of some of his biggest hits. Zap2it caught up with the Boyz backstage just before hitting the stage at this weeks taping. In the coming episode they take on a basketball themed challenge for “Baby.” “It kind of fits with us because Justin Bieber is a kid and we’re all kids,” they tell us. “So this week is definitely perfect.” They also dish on what they’re hoping to get out of the whole experience and how the judges have been helping them. Without hesitation, they unanimously praise Lil’ Mama as their favorite (no surprise there!). How cute are these kids?! We really hope they can make it all way. Watch our backstage video below and tune in to MTV on Thursday at 10 PM to see how they do.

Posted by:Sophie Schillaci