connor doran americas got talent 'America's Got Talent': Connor Doran wins America's heartConnor Doran and his high-flying kites charm the judges and the audience in the Wild Card round of “America’s Got Talent.”

For the Wild Card round, each judge picked four acts to return. Piers chose Anna and Patryk, Doogie Horner, Kruti Dance Academy and Harmonica Pierre. Sharon chose RNG, Rudi Macaggi, Michael Lipari and Ashleigh Dejon and Michael Grasso. Howie chose Swing Shift Side Show, Connor Doran, the Hot Shot Tap Dancers and DJ Dippa.

1. Kruti Dance Academy
There’s a synconization issue — one green dancer is just slightly behind the others on several moves and it’s really distracting. These girls are very talented, but we aren’t sure they’re right for this show. This is a little boring. Howie agrees with my assessment, they just aren’t exciting enough to advance.

2. Rudi Macaggi
I was a bit surprised Rudi didn’t advance after his last performance — he does neat stunts and he is very Vegas. His call this round is “Stairway to Heaven,” a stunt wherein he backflips into a loop while blindfolded. It’s neat but not very intense since the danger is minimal. I mean, he’s not backflipping over a tank of sharks or something. Piers buzzes him. Yeah, after the spinning saw thing, that was kinda lame. But since he should have advanced after the last trick, I hope he moves on.

3. CJ Dippa
Uh, this is a bit ridiculous. He seems like a nice kid, but his rapping is not very good. Piers buzzes him … yeah. He’s at the age where you have to start being really good, you can’t just be a cute kid. If he was like 6 years old doing this, that would be different. Sorry, but you know it’s true. Of course, he’s an awesome kid who then admits he didn’t do that well and calls Howie “sir.” Awww. What a sweetheart.

4. RNG
These girls are pretty good, but they need to be a bit older and polished before they are ready for a show like this. Their Wild Card dance is bit more hardcore than they’ve done previously — gosh, we would just love to see these girls in about three years. Piers buzzes them. Wow, he’s being quite the prickly British pear tonight, isn’t he? At the end, the main girl rips off her jacket and looks like she might stab Howie in his sleep. Snerk.

5. Harmonica Pierre
I’m surprised Piers brought him back. He’s adorable and talented, but way too small for this show. I don’t think he sells tickets. Howie buzzes him before he even starts, but we think that was an accident. Anyway, Pierre’s choice for this round is “Alejandro” and … huh. This song really isn’t that compelling without the vocals. The dancers are also distracting. Sorry, Pierre. Next.

6. Michael Grasso
So this guy left the show during Vegas week? Huh. His Wild Card illusion involves putting his assistant in a little box and running the box through with flaming swords, then revealing that she has vanished from the box. He then removes the swords, puts a sheath over the box and she appears underneath, along with a second girl. Wow, that was cool. His transitions could be snappier and showier, but the trick was good.

7. The Hot Shot Tap Dancers

This one includes some neat light tricks at the start, but when they start just dancing it’s a little boring. Their dancing is phenomenal but the act itself is a bit snoozy, even with hip-hop music. The judges all agree.

8. Doogie Horner
Doogie decides to focus his act on this year’s “America’s Got Talent” acts, which is kinda funny. The Piers joke is decent and the Poppycock joke is alright too. Still, I am not optimistic that he will advance.

9. Connor Doran
This is another Vegas week elimination — and it’s a really weird act. I don’t mean that in a bad way, though. It’s just unusual and almost strangely captivating the way the wall-climber act is, though I don’t think this one is as hard to do as that act. He might advance just because America falls in love with him. Piers’ comment that he brings out the real kid in all of us actually makes me tear up a little, what is wrong with me? Goodness.

10. Anna and Patryk
A sexy salsa? (I’m not sure) is the call for the Wild Card round. It’s very cute, I kind of hope they advance. Not only are they very good, but they’re incredibly fun to watch.

11. Michael Lipari and Ashleigh Dejon
This is a high-flying acrobatics act and it’s certainly sexy, but they take too long getting to the good stuff. Then once they do, it seems like a lot of the same stuff, he just flings her around. The fake drop is certainly dramatic, but you can only pull that off once. I guess they needed to do it now since they might not have another shot. Very dramatic, but it just didn’t grab me. It’s hard to articulate why — too dirty? Lacking the purity and grace of the wall-climbing act, maybe?

12. Swing Shift Side Show
Now this act is Vegas. They came back because they were unable to continue after Vegas week due to personal reasons. Apparently there are some darts being blown by one of the girl’s … uh, hmmm. The act starts off with blow darts and balloons, it’s boring. They move into sword swallowing and by this time both Piers and Sharon have buzzed them. This act should’ve been a lot cooler than it was. Lot of build-up, cool scenery, no pay off.

So who should advance? Probably Connor Doran, Anna and Patryk, and then two out of Michael Grasso/Rudi Macaggi/Michael Lipari and Ashleigh Dejon. If I had to pick two, I’d go with Grasso and Macaggi, but that’s just me.

What do you guys think?

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